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We would like to thank the Presidium of the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne for their generous support. Our conference is also made possible by the generous contributions of the University of Cologne's Vice-Rector for Equality and Diversity, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Human Sciences, and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation. Last but not least, our gratitude extends to the Excellence Initiative and the financial support recieved by the Competence Area "Social Inequalities and Intercultural Education" (SINTER).

Social Inequalities and Intercultural Education (SINTER)

The Competence Area “Social Inequalities and Intercultural Education” (SINTER) was created in 2013 as part of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Cologne. SINTER supports multidisciplinary research addressing the production and reproduction of social inequalities. Due to the interrelatedness of social and educational inequalities, approaches and questions involving research on inequalities within the educational and social sciences, on differences and inclusion, as well as on migration and intercultural education are becoming increasingly significant. The research projects being pursued within the framework of SINTER and across faculties are devoted to several “spaces” of intercultural and inclusive education. These spaces include early childhood education, formal, informal, and tertiary education, as well as adult education. The aim of the research projects is to uncover the mechanisms through which differences “are made to become” inequalities. 

Disability Studies in Germany

We are pleased to announce our partnership with the association Disability Studies Deutschland e.V. (DSD). 

LIEPP/Sciences Po

The Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) at Sciences Po (Paris) combines the inputs of several disciplines (notably economics, sociology and political science) to feed into the reflection on contemporary transformations of public policies. Its “Discriminations and Social Inequalities” Research Group has particularly focused on the topic of disability, and is happy to provide logistical support to the organization of the 2019 ALTER conference.  

Le Laboratoire interdisciplinaire d’évaluation des politiques publiques (LIEPP) à Sciences Po (Paris) croise les apports de différentes disciplines (notamment économie, sociologie et science politique) pour alimenter la réflexion sur les transformations contemporaines de l’action publique. En son sein, l’axe « Discriminations et inégalités sociales » a particulièrement investi la thématique du handicap, et est heureux d’apporter un soutien logistique à l’organisation de la conférence ALTER 2019.





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